Earth Friendly Attitude = Earthitude

Saving the planet is about our changing out attitude, I called this having a Earth Friendly Attitude or ‘Earthitude’.

Do 5 things that will be good for planet earth today. Together we can make a difference.

It Started With 5 A Day Project

I started 5-A-Day during my short stay in England during 2007. I was sad about the trash in the park through which I walked to and back from school. Here is a quick video of the start of my 5-A-Day ‘Healthy Planet Earth’ Program…
I asked my Dad if I could pick up 5 pieces of trash a day. Things like, plastic bottles, drink cans, plastic bags, etc. My dad helped me pick up dangerous objects.

People thought I was strange – and told me it would not make a difference – but, I did not care what they said.

I wanted to do what I could to clean up the park. So that is what I did. After a few weeks, I noticed other people doing the same thing. I don’t know if it was because of me, but it made me happy to see them doing that.

I am sure by the time we left London to return to San Diego, the park was much cleaner. 🙂

My friend ‘Fernando Vossa’ ( designed a logo for me, for ‘Earthitude’. I printed it on a T-Shirt, to encourage people to change their attitudes and habits that are bad for our planet.


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Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness – Fun activities to transform someone’s day!

On 19th Aug 2008, I took part in the ‘Great Kindness Challenge’. The ‘Acts of Kindness’ are not only fun activities, they can positively impact someone’s day. Do them for a family member, a friend, teachers, police, fireman – best of all, for random strangers. It is so great to see so many people smile because of something I did.

Do them one at a time, one a day – or even set yourself a ‘Great Kindness Challenge’ to see how many you can do in a day!

Listed below are loads of fun ‘Acts of Kindness’ activities for kids and parents to do together. HAVE FUN 🙂

  • Say Good Morning to 5 People
  • Smile at 5 People
  • Pick Up 5 Pieces of Trash at the Beach or Park
  • Pick Up 5 Pieces of Trash in Your Neighborhood
  • Write 5 ‘Thank You’ notes for: teacher, librarian, mail man, police officer
  • Paint 5 ‘Peace, Love, Happiness’ rocks, and leave them in neighbors gardens
  • Cut out 5 hearts & leave them on 5 cars
  • Compliment 5 people
  • Make ‘Friendship’ gifts for 5 friends
  • Hug a police officer
  • Plant a flower
  • Bring a treat to your local firefighters
  • Do a household chore without being asked
  • Sing a song at a senior center
  • Read a book to a senior
  • Read a book to a younger child
  • Feed the Birds
  • Help an elder cross the street
  • Push someone on a swing
  • Learn to say peace in 2 new languages
  • Make new friend
  • Hug your sibling
  • Give one of your toys to your sibling or younger child
  • Walk a neighbor’s dog
  • Plant a tree
  • Say ‘Hi’ to a homeless person
  • Water the plants in your home
  • Bring water to a lifeguard
  • Write a ‘I Love You’ note to a friend or family member
  • Paint a peace/happiness picture and give it to someone
  • Recycle your trash
  • Call an elected official and say thank you for their service
  • Leave a flower on someone’s doorstep
  • Donate food to a food bank
  • Donate something to an animal shelter
  • Call your Grandma or Grandpa and tell them they are loved
  • Wash a neighbor’s car
  • Visit a local hospital and hand out ‘Get Well Soon’ cards
  • Make birdfeeder and put it outside
  • Draw a heart in the sand
  • Send a card to a military friend
  • Make a Wish for a child in another country
  • Email a thank to your coach
  • Hold the door open for someone
  • Volunteer at a food kitchen
  • Write a happy message on a side walk with chalk
  • Hug a new friend

There are plenty more ways to do small acts of kindness. Remember small acts of kindness do make a difference!

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Mantra at Unity World Day of Prayer

Karl Anthony asked me and my mum to be part of the choir for a  special Mantra performance at the Unity Center in San Diego for the Unity World Prayer Day. I also performed my part of ‘One Prayer’ and sing the chorus line of ‘We The Children Of The World’.

This is a video of both songs, my dad created for me. You might want to click on the Youtube logo to watch the video on Youtube for faster loading.

Wishing you love, peace, joy always,


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Kindness Matters on Fox 6

This morning myself and my sister joined our friend Skyler Pinto on Fox 6 breakfast news show to talk about The Great Kindness Matter. I shared a few words and there is a funny bit with my sister right at the end of the video.

Click here

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Hike For Peace ‘Half Dome to Kilimanjaro’

I am training to hike up Half Dome, in Yosemite National Park, at night to raise money for ‘Global Friends on The Group’. I am looking for Sponsors 🙂

Global Friends On The Go

In keeping with the mission of the Kids For Peace organization (see below), we are raising funds to create Global Friends on the Go-a Kids for Peace program in which children make friends near and far as they journey to other cultures. Whether cross-continent or cross-town, Kids for Peace travel to meet new friends and have meaningful exchanges. Our first cross-continent exchange will take place this summer. The journey begins on a night time hike to Half-Dome at Yosemite and will culminate on a trek to Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

How you can help Shivani & Kids For Peace… There are 3 options for supporting Shivani, and helping raising funds for this important program:

1. Sponsor Shivani’s Hike

The hike will support Kids for Peace children as they interact with children in orphanages, schools and Maasai villages. This is sure to be a valuable contribution towards peace, compassion and respect as we forge friendships and experience the rhythm of life in East Africa.

We are forging a path for peace through education using environmental stewardship as a model so that our children can grow up together in a kind and loving world. In fact, we think it’s so important that we’re willing to put our feet behind it and hike all the way up Half-Dome.

No amount is too small (or big!).

Go to our website

Please mention you are sponsoring ‘Shivani Parmar’.

2. Become a ‘Featured’ Sponsor

Become a ‘Featured’ Sponsor at the $100+ level and get a special mention from the top of Half Dome and be featured in ‘Shivani’s Hike For Peace Half Dome video’.

Go to our website

Please mention you are sponsoring ‘Shivani Parmar’

3. Hike with Shivani & Kids For Peace

You are invited to “Hike for Peace” on May 22nd-23rd at Half-Dome in Yosemite National Park. The hike begins at 9:30pm and will culminate on the summit of Half-Dome at sunrise.
Along the way, we will stop for inspirational interludes, joyful songs and sending wishes to our sisters and brothers in Africa. The hike will be lead by veteran adventurer, Jesse Gros and his intrepid team. Due to the limited number of permits available by the National Park Service, this is a rare opportunity to hike Half-Dome! In fact, all necessary permits to hike the summit of Half-Dome are sold out! You can invite your friends, too.

Sign up at our website

Please mention you have been referred by ‘Yogi Parmar’.

We appreciate your support and value your friendship.

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Kids For Peace 2009: Uplifting Our World Through Love & Action

Here are some highlights of the first few years of Kids For Peace and the impact we are having on the world 🙂

Kids For Peace is an international nonprofit organization based in Carlsbad, CA. Founded in 2006 with one chapter, Kids for Peace has expanded to 47 chapters around the world in less than 3 years. The mission of Kids for Peace is to cultivate every child’s innate ability to foster peace through cross-cultural experiences and hands-on arts, service and environmental projects. For more information or to start your own Kids for Peace chapter visit:

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Kids For Peace : Global Impact

This is great Kids For Peace video created by 14 year old Zach, Encinitas, CA

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