When asked, “What do you want to do when you grow up?”, her reply is “Singer, Speaker, Author and Artist.”

Shivani who travels around the world, is getting lots of opportunities in pursuing all of the things she wants to be. Why does she want to do this? Well, she wants to make a difference, and believes through music, speaking, writing and arts she can impact many people.

Her first love is music. She has grown up listening to ‘positive’ music, specifically Karl Anthony. At age 5, she was asked to record a speaking part for Karl Anthony’s ‘One Prayer’ song and video, which can be seen http://budurl.com/oneprayer

She has been fortunate to have been surrounded by great Mentors, and is an active member of Kids For Peace. Shivani was one of the original Kids For Peace kids, she has spoken on behalf of ‘Kids For Peace’ at several charity events, city councils, rotary club meetings.

During the summer of 2007 during a short stay in England, she started a 5-a-day trash pick up project. Appaled by the amount of trash in the park she walked through to get to/from her school, she decided to pick up 5 bits of trash on the way/back from school.

Although told it would make no difference, she felt it was important to do her part for the planet. Her interest in the environment was the inspiration for the production of ‘Dear Mr. President’, an music video based on the music of Karl Anthony’s character enrichment program and school program ‘Strike-A-Chord’. http://www.strikeachord.com/projects.php

Her art work has been featured in the art book ‘Peace Through Their Eyes’. She has been interviewed by North Coast News and NBS news.

Shivani is now pursuing Musical Theater and is working towards releasing her creative writing later in 2009.


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