Shivani is blessed to have many influential mentors in her life:

Karl Anthony ( &
Mentorship: Singing, Songwriting, Performing
Relationship: Godparent

Karl Anthony has been a very big influence on Shivani. She has grown up singing Karl’s music since aged 2. She grew up volunteering to sing on stage with Karl, and has recorded a part for the song ‘One Prayer’ and was featured on the video. She has performed live on stage with Karl Anthony for audiences of over 500 people.

He writes songs that touch places in the heart you never knew existed.  He writes about current issues, and has an uncanny ability to communicate their importance in a profound way.  Karl’s lyrics would be reminiscent to some of his musical influences, such as Eric Clapton, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Tracy Chapman and Harry Chapen.   Yet his musical style is uniquely his own.   From compelling world rhythms to sensitive and romantic ballads, he pulls you in and opens you up.  Life, love, and  laughter is what Karl Anthony’s music is all about.

Karl has more opportunities than he could ever imagine, as national and international organizations invite him to perform his special kind of music worldwide.  His concerts include his wife, Jeanne Anthony who beautifully interprets Karl’s music with an artistic form of American Sign Language.  They both have toured the U.S., Europe, China, Australia, Japan, and Russia.  In Moscow Karl Anthony performed in the Kremlin for Raisa Gorbachev.  It included a song called “One Man” which Karl composed as a tribute to Mikhail Gorbachev.  Karl later performed the song for Mr. Gorbachev personally in San Diego at the Insights Conference.

As a live performer, Karl is the master.  Why?  Because he is Real.  What you see is Karl Anthony…unpredictable, funny, uniquely talented, and totally captivating.   From the moment he enters the stage, you know you have a new friend.  From that point on…..get ready for the ride of your life!

Karl Anthony is also the creator of “Strike-A-Chord”, a hands-clapping…hip-moving… mind-engaging… character building program for kids. He has performed his “Strike-A-Chord” program in thousands of schools across the country, and for millions of schoolchildren around the World.

Jeanne Anthony L.C.S.W. (
Mentorship: Life Skills
Relationship: Godparent

Jeanne Anthony is a Licensed Clinical Service Worker, currently helping families of the US Military all over America. She was inspired by Jane Addams, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, Jeanne Anthony has involved herself in social action abroad as well as within the United States. In Australia she worked with drug addicted street teens.

While in the former Soviet Union, she delivered translated twelve step materials and facilitated environmental youth conferences in Moscow.  She was also privileged to contribute to the design and implementation of  a leadership and cultural respect awareness program between Chinese and Native American students in China.  In Germany she worked with military families and teens on grief issues surrounding deportation and reunification. Having designed and implemented a workshop titled From Crisis to Calmness: children can transform hardship into leadership.

She has toured the United States educating adults on how to identify grieving signs in children and assist them in answering difficult question children have in crisis.

Dr. Sonia Powers (
Mentorship: Public Speaking, Confidence, Life Skills
Relationship: Adopted grandparent figure

Dr. Powers delivers what few speakers and trainers can. As a result of her experience as a business owner, as well as a top officer of a national corporation, recipient of a vast number of sales achievement honors, and her Ph.D. in psychology, Dr. Powers brings a fresh and exciting perspective to the science of organizational development and personal achievement. She has the unique ability to blend personal growth with the art of organizational success.

An accomplished and much sought-after lecturer, author, success coach and transformational speaker, Dr. Powers currently consults for many successful corporations and government agencies and is one of only 20 trainers in California certified by POST to do team building workshops. With her expertise she has pioneered a series of custom designed workshops and powerful presentations which are designed for organizations and companies wishing to achieve a higher level of sustainable quality and productivity.

In recognition of her many significant achievements, Dr. Powers has been honored with a place in “WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN WOMEN”, as well as “WHO’S WHO IN THE WORLD”. In addition to hosting the weekly television program, “THE DR. SONIA POWERS SHOW”, she has been featured in a myriad of newspaper and magazine articles, as well as numerous radio and TV programs. She consults with some of the best known and most respected names in transformation. Well versed in the art and science of Human Behavior, Dr. Powers is considered a trainer’s trainer. She is also a founding member of the ‘Transformational Leadership Council

Rick Mars (
Mentorship: Fun, Happiness, Life Skills

Relationship: Adopted grandparent figure

Rick Mars is a trainer for ‘Turn Barriers Into Bridges’. He is also a member of the ‘Transformational Leadership Council‘ Rick has a background in the music industry, and was the drummer who recorded the track ‘Wipeout’ with the Safari’s.

Patrick Combs
Mentorship: Fun, Personal Development
Relationship: Father of Shivani’s friend.

“Shivani is a true difference maker. I’ve known her for 2 years now and the entire time I’ve known her to be a kid who makes a difference in the world. She applies herself toward peace and making the world a better place. She is a true young leader with unlimited potential.”

Patrick Combs is widely known as a best-selling author, an inspirational speaker, and humorous entertainer. Since 1992, his inspirational speaking talents have propelled him to more than 1,000 speaking engagements for Fortune 50, 100 & 500 companies, national associations, non-profits, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, salespersons and for Ivy league and state universities.

His clients include Shell, Motorola, Visa, Boeing, Stanford, Penn and Babson. He is in the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame along side greats such as Zig Ziglar, Anthony Robbins, Les Brown, Tom Peters, Wayne Dyer, Steven Covey, Barbara Deangelis and Og Mandino. He’s been interviewed on national television by Barbara Walters, had his story told in more than 300 newspapers including Wall Street Journal, NY Times and USA Today, been featured on ABC Nightly News, NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America, CNN, Phil Donahue, Montel Williams and The Late Show, and three times been nominated Speaker of the Year by event planners.

Deanna Latson
Mentorship: Health & Nutrition
Relationship: Mother of Shivani’s best friend.

“Some kids are born with a passion to do great things. Shivani is one of those kids. Her   heart is full of love and compassion to help make this world a beautiful place. “

Deanna has excitedly been addressing large groups for 20 years, since she was 13 years old. She spent many years in the community service arena speaking to audiences as large as 1,000 before she even graduated high school. Deanna continued on to earn university degrees in advance public speaking and communications.

Deanna has spoken to more than 100,000 people in every age range, all over the world. She has spoken to over 300 colleges and universities including, Stanford and NYU, and has been invited back to speak by large corporations such as AT&T and Visa.

Deanna has extensive experience working with all types of audiences from Athletes to C.E.O’s on the topic of health and wellness and has authored numerous articles and been a contributing writer of several books on nutrition. Deanna is a member of the Wellness Council of America and is dedicated to helping students, employees and community members take control of their own health. Deanna’s approach to speaking is dynamic, emotional and humorous. Deanna does not tout diets, she teaches audiences about permanent lifestyle changes that will improve their health and wellbeing.

Fernando Vossa (
Mentorship: Conscious Design
Relationship: Friend

Fernando Vossa is a foremost expert in the field of ‘conscious media’. Fernando Vossa has been designing art experiences for over 15 years. Mr. Vossa’s approach is to reach the psyche and heart of his audience using multidisciplinary techniques from Cognitive Psychology, Virtual Reality, Cinematography, Digital Architecture, Graphic Design, and Fine Art.

Mr. Vossa’s accomplishments include being part of leading edge media design teams for major brands such as Microsoft, Sony, US-WEST, GE-Aerospace, and most recently unfolding innovative design concepts at Vossa Media.

This media pioneer holds degrees in Computer Science, Cognitive Psychology, and Technology Design from the University of Washington. His passion for Industrial Design has let him to discover translucent materials and their emotional effect on all of us. His art is to explore the boundaries between the physical world and the spiritual realms.

Mary Resenbeck

Mentorship: Performing Arts, Character Education, Life Sciences
Relationship: Mary was Shivani’s 2nd Grade Teacher at Wisdom For Life School.

Mary Resenbeck is a passionate and dedicated educator who specializes in using theater and art to engage kids in learning life skills along with academics.  She is a multi-talented, enthusiastic, and compassionate professional committed to providing children with the vital skills required to realizing a future of accomplishment and success.  She possess a talent to foster an engaging and thriving learning environment, and encompasses sound knowledge of the importance of creativity, flexibility, and accommodation within the classroom.

Bob Driver

Mentorship: Compassion, Caring, Creativity
Relationship: Bob Driver was Shivani’s 1st Grade Teacher

“Shivani Parmar is one of the most amazing, beautiful, and talented children that I have ever had the pleasure of teaching.  Her genuine compassion and big heart are always an inspiration to me.  I have no doubt that Shivani is going places and will accomplish many great things in her life for the benefit of others and Mother Earth.  She is forunate to have the loving guidance and assistance of her amazing devoted parents.  She is a chip off the old block.  I look forward to watching her blossom and unfold into to one of God’s truly spectacular heavenly creations.  Shivani is an Angel on this Earth.  Her sister Kushi is really cool too.  You go girls!!!  I am always here for you, just as I know you will always be there for me. I love you so much and couldn’t be more proud of you.  Keep up the good work.  YOU ROCK!!!”

Bob’s unique teaching style laid a foundation for the importance of a positive attitude and compassion for Shivani.

Jill McManigal
Mentorship: Service to Others, Public Speaking
Relationship: Friend

“Shivani is an angel on earth.  Although her body is petite, her heart and soul are as grand as they get.  Shivani is a powerhouse of love and goodness.  Her illuminating soul inspires both the young and old.  Whether singing a song, helping a friend, speaking to officials, caring for our earth, sharing her ideas, or simply smiling her beautiful smile, Shivani elevates our world with her purity, joy and wisdom.  I am a better person for knowing Shivani.”

Jill has been working with Shivani since her participation at the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living Christmas Pageant.

Jill McManigal is one of the founders of Kids For Peace. She has her masters in education and a BA from the University of Southern California. She is a former elementary school teacher and a children’s playwright and director whose passion is making the world a better place.


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